Let’s check how many red dates remain in 2023 and July 2023? Check out the Explanation


BONSERNEWS.com – According to the joint decree (SKB) of the three ministers regarding National Holidays and joint leave in 2023.

In July 2023 there is a red date for a national holiday.

Apart from the national holiday red dates, there are also a series of important dates in July 2023.

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So when is the red date in July 2023?

How many red dates are left in 2023?

And what are the important days in July and their anniversary dates? Check out the full information below:

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According to the SKB 3 Ministers, July 2023 will have one red date, namely July 19.

The red date on 19 July 2023 is designated as a national holiday for the commemoration of the 1445 Hijri Islamic New Year.

The red date of July 19 2022 coincides with Wednesday.

To note, the Islamic New Year is one of the most important religious days for Muslims.

Islamic New Year is the commemoration of the turn of the year in the Hijri calendar or Islamic calendar, this is why it is also called the Hijri New Year.

The government has designated the commemoration of the Islamic New Year 1445 Hijri in Indonesia as a national holiday in the framework of religious commemoration.

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