Intense Fire ‘MELAHAB’ K Link Tower Building in Gatot Subroto and Thick Black Smoke Soars High

0 – A major fire reportedly hit the K Link Tower building on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Kuningan Timur Village, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta on Saturday (15/7/2023).

The fire occurred at around 10.03 WIB.

From the amateur viral video quoted from the Instagram account @jktinfo, you can see thick black smoke rising from the building.

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Flames were seen coming from the building.

According to information from the South Jakarta Gulkarmat Office, the fire started on the 7th floor.

Dense smoke from the fire reportedly reached the 15th floor.

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Currently, officers from the South Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service are extinguishing the fire at the location. ()

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