Infrastructure Development Has Not Been Able To Break Down Poverty

0 – MPR deputy chairman Syarief Hasan questioned the government’s development strategy so far. Namely development that focuses too much on infrastructure procurement. Moreover, some of the infrastructure is not functioning optimally, while the funds needed are not small.

Wherever the government is, according to Syarief Hasan, it will definitely carry out infrastructure development. And in any country infrastructure development is always needed, including in Indonesia. But the selection of infrastructure development priorities should provide the greatest benefit for people’s welfare.

“At least there are four benefits that should be achieved in every infrastructure development. Namely, reducing poverty, increasing human resources, providing jobs. And caring for the environment. Don’t let it have an effect on improving society,” said Syarief Hasan, Friday, June 23 2023.

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Development that has the potential to threaten environmental sustainability, according to members of the Upper House of the Democratic Party, should not be carried out. As in the case of the use of sea sediment sand. Because taking sea sand causes environmental damage, and loss of habitat for fish and plants that are around it.

Instead, the government should optimize development in the agricultural sector. Because agriculture is a livelihood for many people, it greatly influences people’s welfare, the availability of jobs and reduces poverty.

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“What happens is the opposite, when the harvest season arrives, the government instead imports, resulting in a price war that is very detrimental to farmers. Farmers are also always confused by the scarcity of fertilizers, and this continues to be repeated many times,” said the member of Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament. .

On that occasion, Syarief Hasan also mentioned the ownership and utilization of natural resources which were not in accordance with the expectations of the 1945 Republic of Indonesia Constitution. Because its utilization has not touched all people.

“We have various requirements to become a developed and prosperous country. However, all of this has not been felt because the utilization of the natural wealth that we have is still limited to certain circles,” said Syarief Hasan. ()

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