ICMI Responds to the Planned Meeting of Asean LGBT Activists to be Held in Jakarta, See the Reviews


BONSERNEWS.com – Deputy Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) Mohammad Najib responded to the planned meeting of ASEAN-wide LGBT activists to be held in Jakarta.

Even though the event which was planned to be held on 17-19 July 2023 was cancelled, ICMI requested that the government and state officials not give permission for the meeting.

Whether the event is held in any area in Indonesia.

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“ICMI rejects plans for a meeting of LGBT activists to be held in Jakarta,” he said

“The plan is to hold the event on July 17-19 2023 and ask the government and state officials not to give permission for a meeting of LGBT activists in Jakarta and in any other area in Indonesia,” said Mohammad Najib.

Mohammad Najib said that ICMI is of the view that LGBT is behavior that deviates from normal social life, violating nature.

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LGBT is also part of society’s ills, contradicts religious ethics and culture of the Indonesian nation, and damages the morals and order of people’s lives.

“ICMI appealed to LGBT activists not to invite, propagandize and deviate LGBT behavior to the public,” he said.

In addition, he appealed and invited LGBT activists to have a dialogue to return to the right perspective and behavior according to a normal lifestyle.

“To the entire community, ICMI appeals not to be influenced by propaganda and campaigns of any kind regarding invitations to attend events and LGBT behavior,” he said.

Previously, the ASEAN-wide LGBT meeting in Jakarta in mid-July was finally canceled.

This plan received widespread criticism from the public, including the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Palace also responded.

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