Here’s your response to the development of TikTok in Indonesia, according to TikTok CEO Shou Chew, see the description

0 – TikTok CEO Shou Chew is in Indonesia.

In the press conference for the TikTok Southeast Asia Impact Forum 2023 in Jakarta, Thursday (15/6/2023), he had the opportunity to reveal what content is his favorite on TikTok.

“I spend quite a lot of time looking at content. My feed contains a lot of funny content, that’s why I like jokes a lot, actually there are a lot of gentlemen’s jokes on my video feed,” said Shou Chew.

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Also, when traveling to a country, he also tries to find out what local content is there, as well as meets local creators, which he always says is awesome.

In addition, wearing a batik shirt, the CEO of TikTok admitted to the media during the press conference that he was quite comfortable with the clothes he wore at the event.

“I like it. Adem. Something very different, so I like it,” said the man from Singapore.

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Meanwhile, in his remarks at the event, Shou Chew said, after starting to set foot six years ago in Southeast Asia, TikTok, which used to only be filled with around 100 workers, now has nearly 8,000 employees in this region.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, Shou revealed that there are nearly 2,000 people who support TikTok’s operations.

“This team fills the creative aspirations of more than 325 million across Southeast Asia and 125 million Indonesians, who visit and are involved in TikTok every month,” said Shou Chew at the TikTok Southeast Asia Impact Forum 2023.()

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