Hasbi Hasan Officially Becomes a KPK Detainee, He Is Named a Suspect in the Case of Alleged Bribery Setting Sentences at the Supreme Court


BONSERNEWS.com – Secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) Hasbi Hasan officially becomes a KPK prisoner.

He wore an orange vest with the words ‘KPK Prisoners’ written on it.

MA Secretary Hasbi Hasan entered the press conference room in handcuffs and an orange vest.

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He was officially announced as a suspect and immediately detained by the KPK.

He will be detained at the Red and White House detention center for the first 20 days.

Hasbi Hasan has been charged as a suspect in the alleged bribery case in setting the verdict at the Supreme Court.

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The determination of this suspect is a development of the bribery case in the Supreme Court which is being investigated by the KPK.

There were already two Supreme Court judges who were previously named suspects, namely Gazalba Saleh and Sudrajad Dimyati as well as several civil servants within the Supreme Court.

Hasbi Hasan is suspected of being related to the flow of Rp 11.2 billion in bribes at the Supreme Court.

He is suspected of receiving the money through his intermediary, namely Dadan Tri Yudianto, who has also been named a suspect and has been detained by the KPK.

As a suspect who received bribes, Hasbi Hasan was charged with Article 12 letter a or Article 12 letter b or Article 11 of the Corruption Law in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

Hasbi had filed a pretrial lawsuit at the South Jakarta District Court regarding his suspect status but was rejected.

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