Following is a List of National Holidays and Joint Leave for July 2023, Check Out the Full Explanatory Reviews Below

0 – Entering the beginning of the month, people are starting to look for information regarding the red date of July 2023.

On the red date of July 2023 to determine the time for national holidays and collective leave in July 2023.

Based on the Joint Decree (SKB) of the three ministers, namely the Minister of Religion, the Minister of Manpower, and the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform regarding national holidays and collective leave, a red date in July 2023 has been set for only one day.

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The red date falls on Wednesday, 19 July 2023, coinciding with the Islamic New Year 1445 Hijriah.

Apart from July, there are only four days left for national holidays and joint leave in 2023.

The following is a list of national holidays and joint leave for 2023:

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– Thursday, 17 August 2023: Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia


– Thursday, 28 September 2023: Commemoration of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW


– Monday, December 25, 2023: Christmas Day

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