Excited that the LGBT community will gather in Jakarta, legislators: close all access and permits


BONSERNEWS.com – Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the PAN faction, Guspardi Gaus, admitted that he was very surprised to hear the news that an Asean LGBT community meeting would be held in Jakarta on July 17-21 2023.

“Astaghfirullah. LGBT behavior has clearly deviated but the campaign is still continuing. This clearly makes the community nervous. He also asked the government and the police not to issue permits for the event to be held,” said Guspardi, Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

According to him, Indonesia has a Pancasila philosophy that respects the values ​​of religious teachings. Don’t let LGBT gatherings be held in this country, because they conflict with the values ​​of the nation’s religious and cultural teachings.

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“Moreover, none of all religions recognized in Indonesia tolerate LGBT practices. And Islam clearly categorizes LGBT as fakhisah (dirty, heinous and goes beyond religious rules),” said the member of Commission II of the Indonesian Parliament.

The West Sumatra Dapil 2 legislator also hopes that the police as law enforcement officers will immediately take anticipatory steps. If there is an invitation and it has been spread on social media, the authorities should have been able to anticipate it by tightly closing all access to permits for this kind of activity. Such as not giving permission for the event meeting place. If the meeting is in public then the security forces must prohibit it and stop it.

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“We also hope that the Ministry of Communication and Information will immediately curb and block all LGBT campaigns on social media. Because negative content in any form, including LGBT, violates the religious and cultural norms of the Indonesian nation. said Gauss.

Therefore, the government and the police must take seriously the plans for a gathering of the LGBT community in Jakarta. Their arrival must be strictly rejected “There should not be a meeting like this, because their behavior is deviant and contrary to religion and human normality. It must be firmly rejected!,” he concluded.

Previously, an announcement was circulated from the ASEAN Sogie Caucus via his Instagram account, which stated that the Queer Advocacy Week (AAW) event would be held by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community throughout ASEAN. The activity was organized together with NGOs in Indonesia. “It is hoped that the AAW will become one of the tools for LGBT activists in the region to find their own alternative regionalism,” the announcement read. ()

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