DPR Wants to Form a Committee for Evaluation of the Implementation of the Hajj


BONSERNEWS.com – Commission VIII DPR explained that it would soon form a working committee (panja) to evaluate this year’s haj pilgrimage. This Committee will assess what needs to be repaired to make the congregation feel comfortable.

He said the points for the formation of the working committee had been prepared and were being coordinated with related parties. Even so, the timing of the formation of the committee has not been disclosed.

“We don’t know that we are still in recess, but the point is that we have the same thoughts in wanting to make an evaluation committee,” said DPR Commission VIII Deputy Chair Diah Pitaloka, Monday 17 July 2023.

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According to him, the affairs of organizing the Hajj are not only about the budget, the implementation also needs to be monitored and improved.

Currently there have been various suggestions that have been received, explained Diah, for example improving the management of human resources assistants who need to share working time considering that they need to work 16 hours in hot weather. This is said to be coordinated with the Ministry of Religion.

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“Because Arabs, at least, the temperature is already different, if people there work for 16 hours, they have to shift, because it’s hot and so on,” he said.

Apart from human resources, there is also input regarding the distribution of Hajj facilities. Hajj organizers are deemed necessary to form a special control division to ensure quality such as food and water for pilgrims is guaranteed.

“So for example in hotel A the catering is not satisfactory, yes from the Ministry of Religion there is an LO that conveys it to the catering. It’s the service,” said Diah.

Organizers also feel the need to evaluate assistance for elderly pilgrims, for example from families who are healthier so they can go together. It is said that organizing the Hajj in 2024 needs to measure how many elderly pilgrims need assistance because their health conditions vary.

“Usually parents and children line up together, yesterday (Hajj 2023) some went together, some didn’t. Separation of quotas, even though the serial numbers are together. So there are many like that, even though that’s the quota underneath,” he said. ()

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