DPR RI Examines the Police Traffic Corps Regarding Polemics on Driving Permits, STNK, and BPKB, Question This


BONSERNEWS.com – A hearing between Commission 3 of the DPR and the Traffic Police Corps was held on Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

One of the highlights is the driver’s license or SIM, STNK, and BPKB. The polemic regarding the SIM exam requirements was indeed in the spotlight, so the National Police Chief, General Sigit Listyanto, has asked that the SIM making exam also be a concern.

As good citizens, we must comply with applicable rules and regulations, including when it comes to driving.

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One of the requirements that must be met by motorized vehicle drivers is to have a driving license or SIM. Driver’s license is an official document issued by the authorities to give permission to the owner to drive a motorized vehicle on the road.

However, lately, there have been many cases of misuse of SIM, STNK, and BPKB.

A member of the DPR, Johan Budi, has personally experienced an incident when the letters on the back of his car’s license plate were the same as someone else’s, even though at that time Johan Budi who worked at the Presidential Palace could not be duplicated.

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According to him, there are two possibilities that this could happen, firstly the police officers who don’t know, or secondly they become sales materials, meaning it becomes the police’s original income or goes into their own pocket.

Cases like this are certainly very troubling society. Therefore, there needs to be decisive action from the authorities to ensure that the SIM, STNK and BPKB are issued according to the correct procedure and are not misused by irresponsible persons.

One of the proposed solutions is to make changes to the validity period of the SIM.

Member of Commission 3 of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Faction, Benny Kaharman, believes that the validity period of a driver’s license should be for life. According to him, there is no need for a SIM extension anymore, because it will only be a tool to make money.

However, of course this cannot be done just like that without careful consideration. There needs to be an in-depth study of the impact of changing the SIM validity period.

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