DPR Encourages Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Issue Travel Warning After Riots in France Widespread



BONSERNEWS.com – The DPR RI encourages the government through the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in France to continue to monitor the condition of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) following the ongoing riots. Puan asked the government to ensure that Indonesian citizens were not affected by the riots.

“The safety of Indonesian citizens in France must be a top priority. The government must guarantee that our citizens are not affected by the riots in France that continue to spread,” said DPR Speaker Puan Maharani, Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Puan also asked the government to focus on saving Indonesian citizens whose homes were affected. Puan assessed that the local Indonesian Embassy must guarantee the needs of these Indonesian citizens.

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“Don’t let Indonesian citizens whose locations of residence are affected by the riots have difficulty getting their needs. This must also be the focus of the Indonesian Embassy in guaranteeing the needs of our citizens there,” he explained.

In addition, Puan asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) to continue to monitor the situation in France. As well as making diplomatic efforts to ensure the safety and welfare of Indonesian citizens.

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“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must also make diplomatic efforts to the French government to ensure that Indonesian citizens who are there receive protection and avoid clashes,” he emphasized.

Puan also asked the government to consider issuing a temporary travel warning to Indonesian citizens who wish to leave or take a vacation to France. Puan said that anticipation was needed for the safety of the Indonesian people.

“If needed and the situation becomes increasingly unsafe, the Government needs to issue a travel warning for Indonesian citizens temporarily until the riots in France subside. This aims to maintain the safety of our own citizens,” he said.

It is known that currently there are 7 countries issuing travel warnings following the riots in France. The seven countries are the United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, Scotland and Iran.

On the other hand, Puan urged Indonesian citizens who were in France to remain vigilant and stay away from the clashes.

“I ask our citizens who are in France to continue to be aware of the widespread impact of the riots. Keep safe, don’t travel if it’s not urgent. Wait for the situation in France to become conducive,” Puan appealed.

As is known, the riots in France were sparked by a police shooting that caused a 17-year-old youth to die on June 27. This incident caused mass fury and riots in several major cities in France since June 28 2023 and continues to grow, including in Paris. ()

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