Do you still remember Masriah, the woman who flushed feces at her neighbor’s house? Now he is free but there is a new problem again


[ad_1] – Masriah, the woman who sprinkled feces on her neighbour’s house, does anyone still remember?

Now Masriah is free after languishing for one month in prison.

Now that he’s free, he’s even faced with a new problem.

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One of her neighbors who became a victim of Masriah wanted to deter Masriah.

He filed civil lawsuits with a value of up to hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

According to Nur Mas’ud, the son-in-law of his neighbor named Wiwik reported Masriah with a criminal case involving the pouring of urine and feces to the police.

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He said that after hearing the news that Masriah was free, his party would sue Masriah for the urination and feces terror in a civil manner.

“Our family has agreed, after Masriah is released we will sue her civilly,” said Nur Mas’ud.

“The value is around hundreds of millions, we did it to deter Masriah. So that in the future our family will not be underestimated by Masriah,” he added.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the Wiwik family, Dimas Pangga Putra W, confirmed this claim.

“It is planned that Mrs. Wiwik will file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for the actions of Mrs. Masriah which she has experienced for 6 years,” he said.

“The demands are in accordance with the losses incurred as a result of the terror of sprinkling urine and feces. Such as the cost of painting, the cost of replacing the fence, and reimbursement for buying floor cleaners,” he continued.

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