COVID-19 financing will be charged to BPJS Kesehatan

0 – President Jokowi officially revoked the COVID-19 pandemic status. Coordinating PMK Minister Muhadjir Effendy said the medical expenses for COVID-19 patients would be borne by the BPJS.

“The transfer of services for those who are still affected by COVID-19, which originally used KCP PEN funds, because KCP PEN has been removed, then later for these funds it will use the usual scheme such as disease management, especially infectious diseases in general,” said Muhadjir, Thursday 22 June 2023.

“What that means is that later specifically for the financing it will be borne by the sick party through the BPJS Kesehatan scheme,” he continued.

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Meanwhile, for people who can’t afford it, said Muhadjir, the cost of treating COVID-19 will be covered using the Contribution Assistance Recipients (PBI) scheme. He said there were approximately 135 million people who could be covered by PBI.

“For those who can’t afford it, they will still be assisted by contributions from the government, namely the PBI scheme, both the funds at the center and those in the regions, provinces and districts. The slots are quite large and are still open now for those who really can’t afford it because there are around 135 million people who can be covered with the PBI scheme,” he said.

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Muhadjir said the service for COVID-19 patients would be the same as for other infectious diseases. Muhadjir said that now COVID-19 is no longer considered a dangerous disease.

“So later it will be served as a sick person with an infectious disease like tuberculosis. Yes, basically together with other infectious diseases, it is no longer considered a dangerous disease that causes an emergency,” he said. ()

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