Commission II Asks Bengkulu Regency Government to Give Strict Sanctions ASN Selling Children to Become CSWs

0 – Member of Commission II of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Mardani Ali Sera criticized the actions of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the South Bengkulu Regency Government who had the heart to sell their biological child to a masher. Mardani encouraged related parties to trace the root cause of this incident.

“This incident was a disaster, a mother had the heart to sell her biological child as a prostitute due to economic problems. It is very sad. We need to investigate the root of the problem, how personal the perpetrator was,” said Mardani, Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

“If the problem is due to psychological or moral problems, there must be treatment or therapy. Of course it is continuous with law enforcement,” he added.

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Mardani considered that it was necessary to look further at the economic conditions of the civil servant who sold his child. He said the existence of this case was proof that Indonesia had not been free from poverty even at the ASN level.

“We need to see what the salary structure is like. But this case is also a portrait of our country’s problems. We are not yet free from the problem of poverty, even at the ASN level,” said Mardani.

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“This means that there is something wrong with our system, and it must be corrected. In general, it is necessary to arrange the components of the ASN salary and the amount,” he continued.

Even so, Mardani emphasized that violations of the law involving every government employee must be prosecuted. Moreover, this also includes the crime of trafficking in persons (TPPO).

Mardani asked the Bengkulu Regency Government to impose strict sanctions on the ASN. Whatever the reason, this case cannot be justified.

“Whatever the reason, there is no justification for prostitution. Even if it is due to economic problems, selling your biological children as prostitutes cannot be tolerated. There must be strict sanctions,” said Mardani.

Furthermore, the PKS legislator asked the South Bengkulu Regency Government to make improvements in their work environment. According to Mardani, there was an insensitivity factor that also participated in the incident.

“There should be sensitivity, whether from co-workers or leaders from the perpetrators. What went wrong must be found so that an ASN is forced to seek additional money by selling the child,” he said.

Mardani said that humanist approaches need to be carried out in every government work environment. Because if ASN personal problems cannot be found a way out, then the impact will also affect job performance.

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