Baleg Encourages Management of Village Funds Fully Managed by the Village Head

0 – For the sake of realizing village empowerment that is prosperous and just. The central government has disbursed village funds sourced from the APBN.

Therefore, Baleg DPR RI, conducted a deep dive into the revision of the Village Law to see the effectiveness of these village funds.

Member of Baleg DPR, Firman Soebagyo, pushed for the village head to give full authority to the management of village funds. So that the Village Government can carry out its duties and functions in developing the village. Because each village has different characteristics.

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Firman hopes that the management of village funds will have a clear legal umbrella for village funds in the future.

“Why does this need to be given the trust of independence, to provide learning to village officials so that they can actually carry out their duties and functions according to the principle of prudence. And comply with Law 17 concerning state financial management. Because village funds are a source of State Budget,” he said, Tuesday 4 July 2023.

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Second, according to Firman, the very basic thing is that the Village Government between one village and another village has different characteristics.

If all of this is given directives from the Central Government it must be like this or that, then the village government will not be able to develop its village through village funds.

Furthermore, this Golkar Party politician is pushing for allowances for village officials to be increased, because he assesses their workload is quite large in overseeing various activities in the community.

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