As of 1 July 2023 Bank Indonesia Will Charge QRIS Service Fees, How much is the QRIS Service Fee? Check out the Description

0 – Bank Indonesia has started to charge Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) service fees to merchants, alias merchant users.

The service fee is 0.3 percent of the transaction value as of July 1, 2023.

Then BI has also issued an appeal to merchants not to charge QRIS Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) fees to consumers.

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This step was taken to encourage financial inclusion for micro entrepreneurs.

Previously, MDR QRIS for micro businesses was not charged a fee of 0 percent.

However, starting earlier this month, the QRIS MDR fee is set to be 0.3 percent.

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The Head of the BI Communication Department, Erwin Haryono, explained that this appeal was based on Article 52 paragraph 1 BI Regulation 23/6/PBI/2021 concerning Payment Service Providers (PJP).

The article states that providers of goods and/or services are prohibited from charging additional fees to users for the fees charged by the PJP to providers of goods and/or services.

“Therefore, merchants are prohibited from charging MDR fees or surcharges for payments made by QRIS users,” said Erwin.

Erwin added that if a merchant is found still charging the additional fee, the user can report it to the payment service provider.

In addition, Erwin also said that the adjustment to the MDR fee was aimed at improving the quality of service for merchants and QRIS users.

This fee will be used to replace investment and operational costs that have been incurred by parties involved in implementing QRIS transactions, including payment service providers, switching agencies, service agencies, and standards institutions.

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