Artificial Intelligence AI Can Be the Birth Door of New Religions and Scriptures

0 – Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Wave Party (Gelora) Fahri Hamzah asked the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) to invite political parties (parpol) to submit proposals regarding their views on the future of humanity and religion.

This is important to answer the nation’s current problems amidst the trend of using artificial intelligence (AI) which is increasingly prevalent in Indonesia.

“Physically, humans have been tried to be replaced with robots. Right now, the human mind or human mind, try to be replaced by artificial intelligence. Then, what will happen to the next generation, the humans who will come,” said Fahri, Thursday 13 July 2023,

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Fahri assessed that AI could be a door for the birth of a new religion that would create its own holy book.

“I think this conversation about AI should also be a concern for religious people. It’s getting more and more worrying, because it’s becoming more and more human-like. From a religious perspective, it’s like God creating humans,” he said.

The presence of this AI, said Fahri, is like reminding the memory of the dialogue about the creation of humans, which was feared by angels to God, that humans would cause damage to the earth. However, then God answered that he knew more about this mystery.

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The Deputy Speaker of the DPR for the 2014-2019 period emphasized that the presence of AI seems to make human work easier in all respects. But on the contrary, there are technological disruptions and grave dangers that will threaten humanity.

“If it pleases, BRIN can invite us to convey our views on the future of humanity or the future of religion. The Gelora Party will present comprehensive proposals to address these problems,” he said.

According to Fahri, the presence of political parties at BRIN to convey their views on the future can answer general doubts and anxieties about our future and that of humanity.

“And in us, we have a lot of counter-narratives. We are still pitting religion and science against each other. We are still fighting between culture and knowledge, as a result researchers and politicians are not stable in laying down the core pillars of civilization,” he said.

Therefore, matters like this must be resolved, whether science is under the command of the state or not. So that researchers or academics who have research are not kept behind the scenes, they must have the courage to come forward.

“Right now we don’t have a good mechanism to intervene in public education. And I think this is homework for BRIN friends. Educational institutions and universities must facilitate this conversation about AI,” said the West Nusa Tenggara legislative candidate from the Gelora Party.

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