Apply for a wage increase – this is how you do it in writing


When it’s time to request a pay rise

Are your salary expectations and your actual salary far apart? Make your employer aware of your skills and dedication to their business – request a raise. If you want to convince management that you deserve a raise, you should come up with some good arguments like the following.

  • Before you apply for a raise, you should find out what other workers in comparable positions are making.
  • Have you been working in the same company for many years? The requirements have increased, your area of ​​responsibility has increased significantly and you have mastered all the challenges? Have you willingly worked overtime, qualified and taken part in further training measures? Then it’s time your effort was better rewarded.
  • Especially nowadays, when performance requirements are often very high and prices are constantly rising, you should be able to negotiate a reasonable salary. Draw the management’s attention to you – and to the services you provide.

Of course, you could also discuss your concerns in a personal meeting. However, it is easier if you put your request for a wage increase in writing.

This is how you formulate your request coherently

  1. Find out exactly who is the right contact person in your company when it comes to a wage increase. Begin your letter with a polite salutation.
  2. Then describe the work you do for the company. Mention your dedication and commitment. If you work overtime more often, then you should also bring that up – or put it on paper.
  3. List what knowledge, skills and qualifications you have – and let the employer see the benefits this brings to their business.
  4. If you have been employed in the company for many years, then be sure to mention how many years you have been with the company.
  5. Finally, you should state your exact salary expectations. In order to be able to give a realistic amount, it is important that you find out what salary is appropriate for your job – and length of service.
  6. Include when you are requesting the raise; for example on the next first of a month or on the fifteenth of the following month.
  7. Close your letter with best regards and say that you would like to hear from us as soon as possible.

Remember: No employer wants to lose a good and reliable employee. If you have remained loyal to the company for many years and have always carried out your tasks correctly to the satisfaction of everyone, then there is certainly nothing standing in the way of a salary increase.

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