Application for equality – write the justification like this


This is how the justification for the equality application succeeds

First you need an equality form for your equality application. To do this, contact the employment agency. To achieve equality, you must work more than 18 hours.

With a successful application for equal opportunities, you can achieve that if you can show a GdB of 30 to 40, you will be put on an equal footing with people with severe disabilities who have a degree of disability of more than 50.

The form must contain the following information: first and last name, address, address of your employer, information about your place of work and your weekly working hours.

Now formulate the justification for the equality application. Under no circumstances should you justify this with the protection against dismissal, even if non-disabled employees are not dismissed in your company. In this case, your application justification is not tenable. You must address the quality of your work at the workplace in the justification.

Always list several reasons in the justification. You should only give reasons that relate to yourself. A notable reason is, for example, that your workplace is well equipped, but you cannot perform your work with the same quality as a non-disabled employee. Instead, your work results are comparable to those of a person with a severe disability.

Then provide information about your professional development and the development of your illness. Enclose all necessary supporting documents with your application.

Now sign the form and submit it to the relevant employment agency.

Things worth knowing about the equality application

If the justification for the application for equality is comprehensible, this leads to equality between disabled people and severely disabled people.

The advantages are apparent. If your application for equality is successful, you will have extended protection against dismissal, which is also decisive for severely disabled people. You can also get better workplace equipment and support from professionals.

If you are in a situation where you expect to be dismissed, you should definitely submit an application for equality. Don’t lose any valuable time then, equality will only take effect in good time if it has been applied for three weeks before the termination.

You should think twice before submitting an Equal Opportunity Application. Extended protection against dismissal can mean that new employers are reluctant to hire you if you are treated equally.

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