Apart from Lucky Hakim, Bareskrim Polri examined the priest who took part in the Saf Prayer Row, along with the explanation


BONSERNEWS.com – Bareskrim Polri continues to investigate reports of alleged blasphemy of religion, hate speech and the spread of fake news by the reported leader of the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School, Panji Gumilang.

One of those examined was the priest who took part in the prayer row.

Karo Penmas Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, said the pastor had the initials CHMP. The CHMP, said Ramadhan, had fulfilled the summons at 10.00 WIB.

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“Until now, the investigation is the priest who participated in the prayer row, according to what is in the video,” said Ramadhan.

Ramadhan said that his party also summoned former Deputy Regent of Indramayu, Lucky Hakim.

He stated that Lucky Hakim had also been present to fulfill the summons.

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“The third (witness) is Sister C, until earlier I received information that she was not present. She was also present at PG’s birthday,” he said.

Ramadhan said that his party also summoned FAW, who is Panji Gumilang’s wife.

However, according to Ramadhan, FAW had not answered the investigator’s summons until this afternoon.

“The fourth (witness) is FAW, also not present. Sister FAW is the wife of Brother PG who is in the saf prayer between men, this is also in the video,” he said.

Ramadhan said that his party focused on examining witnesses as well as gathering evidence.

After these matters were completed, according to him, investigators would hold a case to determine whether Panji deserved to be named a suspect or not.

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