Andre Rosiade Condolences and Sympathy and Distributes Bungku Rice to Victims Affected by Floods and Landslides

0 – Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR from W Sumatra Andre Rosiade condolences and sympathizes with the victims affected by floods and landslides in the city of Padang and W Sumatra in general.

Because of this, the Gerindra Party politician distributed thousands of rice packets to feed the flood victims, both those who fled or those who remained in their homes.

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“As members of the DPR from West Sumatra, we are very saddened by the floods and landslides that hit the city of Padang and a number of areas in West Sumatra. Moreover, the information also claimed lives. For the first stage, we asked the W Sumatra Gerindra Party DPD team to distribute packaged rice to residents,” said the Chairperson of the W Sumatra Gerindra Party DPD.

The rice packages were handed over to Ganting Parak Gadang and Sawahan, Padang Timur District, Kurao Pagang, Nanggalo District, as well as several points in Kototangah District, such as Dadok Tunggul Hitam, Parupuk Tabing and Bungo Pasang.

These locations were the worst affected by flooding due to the rain that hit Padang City since Thursday (13/7) afternoon.

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