A Viral Video of a Man Singing in a Train Car with a Loud and Confident Voice


BONSERNEWS.com – A viral video circulating showing a man singing in a train car loudly on social media.

In the viral video, it appears that a man is confident by singing a song from the guardian band.

“The response is wkwkwkwk” wrote the Tiktok account @lha..aku_nia quoted on Monday (3/7/2023).

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The man who was wearing a checkered shirt and a hat unknowingly laughed at the other passengers around him.

Apart from that, none of the KRL officers reprimanded the man.

Suddenly, a number of netizens were busy giving various comments.

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“When you just downloaded Smule,” said one netizen.

“You’re cool, you’re cool,” said another netizen.

“Those who wear orange hoodies, give up,” netizens said again.

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