A Verified Meta Service Now Available in Indonesia in July 2023, Really? How to?


BONSERNEWS.com – A Meta Verified service is now available in Indonesia in July 2023.

Initially, services similar to Twitter Blue could only be tested in Australia and Zealand.

It is known, Meta Verified is a service that allows Instagram and Facebook users to get a blue tick and a number of other benefits, by paying a monthly subscription fee.

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The presence of Meta Verified in Indonesia was announced directly by the CEO of Meta Indonesia, Pieter Lydian via an upload on his personal Instagram account @pieterlydian.

He explained, Instagram and Facebook users can subscribe to Meta Verified for IDR 100,000 per month for web versions of Instagram and Facebook users.

Meanwhile, for the Meta Verified service, iOS and Android users are priced at a higher price, which is IDR 130,000 per month.

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With that being announced, “Meta Verified” has not yet appeared in the “Settings or “Account Center” menu.

It is possible that this subscription option will be gradually rolled out to eligible accounts.

In his post, Pieter details the benefits users get if they subscribe to Meta Verified.

First, Instagram and Facebook user accounts will be automatically verified (verified account) with a blue tick badge.

“This verified badge confirms that you are the real you and that your account has been authenticated with a government ID,” he wrote.

Second, users will also get extra protection from accounts claiming to be users.

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