337 Dukcapil Data Leaked and Traded on the Internet, DPR: Could be a Mass Disaster


BONSERNEWS.com – 337 million population and civil registration data (Dukcapil) owned by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) were leaked and sold on the internet.

Member of Commission II of the House of Representatives of the PKS Fraction, Mardani Ali Sera warned that mass disasters could disrupt the country’s stability due to data leaks of millions of citizens.

“Our shared responsibility is to maintain data security, especially digital ones,” said Mardani, Monday 17 July 2023.

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The chairman of the DPP PKS said that he had communicated with the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding this matter. He admitted that he received reports from the Ministry of Home Affairs that they were carrying out investigations and mitigation regarding the alleged data leak.

“I have tried to confirm with the Ministry of Home Affairs. Since yesterday they have been conducting investigative audits and preventive mitigation,” he said.

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Separately, Mardani added that this issue had to be taken seriously by the government. He warned that this could disrupt the stability of the country.

“It must be taken seriously. Because it could be a mass disaster that disrupts the country,” said Mardani.

Mardani warned that residents could be affected if the population data leaked and was sold on the internet. As a result, he said, the government is burdened with costs to overcome these problems.

“If all residents are affected because of this leak, it will become a mass issue and disrupt the stability of the nation. Like it or not, the state must come down with curative costs. Now it’s still preventive,” he said. ()

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